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Publishing books in India on History, Indology, Religion, Philosophy, Sociology, Agriculture, Botany, Zoology, Ayurveda, Geography, Literature-Linguistics, Performing Arts.....

We Reprint Academic Books on the above mentioned subjects with
the Lowest Possible Prices to suite every pocket.

Well-Being, Transcendence, Longevity and Happiness Through Breathing The Secret of Breathing
Dr. Har Prashad
PB ISBN(10) : 8173863180
PB ISBN(13) : 9788173863189
Publisher : BFA

Sky In Your Heart
Leyla Karaca
PB ISBN(10) : 8184541740
PB ISBN(13) : 9788184541748
Publisher : Originals

Tribal Treasures Art and the Tribes of India
Indrani Devgupta
HB ISBN(10) : 818454166X
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184541663
Publisher : Originals

Sikandernama Qissa-i-Sikander of Akbar (The story of Alexander The Great that was written for the Emperor Akbar)
Madhusoodan Naavlan
PB ISBN(10) : 8184541678
PB ISBN(13) : 9788184541670
Publisher : Originals

Past Lives Quantum Lives A Journey through Time with Hypnotic Regression/Regressive Hypnosis
Federica Brambilla
PB ISBN(10) : 8184541783
PB ISBN(13) : 9788184541786
Publisher : Originals

Essentials of Acupuncture Alternative Therapy Sequel: 3
Prof. Dr. Debasish Kundu , Dr. Choo Led Sin
HB ISBN(10) : 8184541600
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184541601
Publisher : Originals

Uddhav Gita (in Hindi)
Prabhu Dayal Mishr
PB ISBN(10) : 8173863164
PB ISBN(13) : 9788173863165
Publisher : Books For All

The Art of Peaceful and Happy Living
Dr. (Mrs.) Shantha N Nair
PB ISBN(10) : 8184541597
PB ISBN(13) : 9788184541595
Publisher : Originals

Buddhist Ecumenism With a Foreword by Prof. Lokesh Chandra
S R Bhatt
HB ISBN(10) : 818454104X
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184541045
Publisher : Originals

The Adventures of Betsy and Michelle
Manjula Bajaj , Harry Bajaj
PB ISBN(10) : 8173863121
PB ISBN(13) : 9788173863127
Publisher : BFA

Materia Medica for the New Age Man
Prof. Dr. Debasish Kundu , Lord Pandit Prof. Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuruya, Dr. M. Ahmed
HB ISBN(10) : 8184541341
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184541342
Publisher : Originals

Rama Janamabhoomi Professor B.R. Grover`s Analysis of Revenue Records and Historical Facts
Amrita Grover (ed.) , Dr. Anju Grover-Chaudhury (ed.)
HB ISBN(10) : 8184541562
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184541564
Publisher : Originals

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