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Book Details

Shrimadbhagvadgita Vyaakaranam (in Sanskrit)
(Do Bhaagon Mein)
Geeta Dinesh Bellare
Bibliography : xvi, 700pp., Demy 4vo.
PB ISBN (10) : 8184541252
PB ISBN (13) : 9788184541250
HB ISBN (10) : 8184541171
HB ISBN (13) : 9788184541175

(PB) List Price US$ : 38
(PB) We Sell At US$ : 32
(HB) List Price US$ : 111
(HB) We Sell At US$ : 94

About the Book:

Shrimad-Bhagavad-Gita is the teaching given by Lord Krishna to his ardent disciple Arjuna just before the great Kurukshetra war. Grieving at the prospect of killing his loved ones, and confused as to his duty, Arjuna requests Lord Krishna to be his Spiritual Teacher.

The Lord then teaches Arjuna the Highest Truth in simple words. He also imparts to him the means to gain this Highest Truth. Lord Krishna shows how, right here and now, the human mind can - and should - be prepared to delve into this Knowledge by right living and right thinking.

Over the shoulders of Arjuna, the Lord reaches out to each and every human being. The Bhagavad-Gita has stood the test of time, and is a practical guide to right living and right thinking. Naturally, it is one of the most widely read scriptures. But since the entire dialogue of the Gita is in Sanskrit, this language needs to be studied. Language implies the study of grammar, and every grammar has its own intricacies. For a general reader, the dual struggle to grasp philosophy and grammar simultaneously may prove too much. Hence this book seeks to provide a ready-made glimpse of Sanskrit grammar as it appears verse by verse in the Gita.

In this book, the 700 verses are first converted into prose, and then the different parts of speech are analysed. Compiled as it is with the help of various books and dictionaries written by scholars, it is a book of reference. May this handy reference-book for Gita and Sanskrit lovers spur readers on to a deeper study of both the scripture and its language.

May the Shrimad-Bhagavad-Gita bless each and every human being with the Highest Knowledge, right here and now.

About the Author:

In the 1980s Pujya Shri Shuddhabodhananda Saraswatiji gave regular discourses in English on the Shrimad-Bhagavad-Gita, and Mrs. Geeta Dinesh Bellare was fortunate enough to be able to attend them in Mumbai. She noted down almost every word of the discourse, and absorbed the philosophy of the Gita to some extent. But the lack of Sanskrit knowledge kept nagging at her.

Around the year 2000 Girvanapratishtha of Shri Chitrapur Math in Karnataka State conducted Sanskrit classes in Mumbai. She learnt Sanskrit there till about the age of 60. At the end of the study, ten verses of the Shrimad-Bhagavad-Gita were allotted to each student for project work. She chose to analyse those ten verses as per the grammar taught till then in the classes. This analysis proved a turning point in her life, in that she found it so interesting and useful that she proceeded to analyse the entire 700 verses of the scripture, and offered them as Guru Dakshina to Pujya Shri Sadyojat Shankarashrama Swamiji, the Mathadipati of Shri Chitrapur Math.

The desire to reach out to other students then prompted her to publish her work, so that the book on Gita grammar would benefit more and more lovers of Bhagavad-Gita and Sanskrit.

She dedicates her book to the Guruparampara of Shri Chitrapur Math, by whose blessings this work has been possible.

Shrimadbhagvadgita Vyaakaranam (in Sanskrit), by Geeta Dinesh Bellare


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