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Book Details

Well-Being, Transcendence, Longevity and Happiness Through Breathing
The Secret of Breathing
Dr. Har Prashad
Bibliography : 248pp., Demy 8vo.
PB ISBN (10) : 8173863180
PB ISBN (13) : 9788173863189

(PB) List Price US$ : 31
(PB) We Sell At US$ : 26

About the Book:

The book brings out subtle aspects of breathing that are closelylinked with mind, body and spirit. The secret of breathing in the book has brought out the various inner physiological transformation during the stage of mergence-Samadhi when consciousness has transcended time and space.

About the Author:

Dr. Har Prashad is presently advisor and consultant on Tribology. He is retired Senior Deputy General Manager (Tribology) from the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Corporate Research and Development Division, Hyderabad (India) in 2004. He was consultant of Centre for Tribology Inc (CETR), USA till August 2011 and advisor to Rtec, USA till 2015. He obtained an M.E. (Hons) degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1970, and subsequently, Ph.D. in Tribology. He worked with the Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun, and with the Design Bureau at Bokaro Steel Ltd., Dhanbad, Bihar, before joining BHEL in 1974.

1. Introduction
2. Breathing-Medical View Point
3. Breath of Life
i. Mindfulness of Breathing
ii. Abdominal Breathing
4. Scientific Views of Breathing
i. Breathe Secret
ii. Science of Breathing Behind Samadhi-Mergence
5. Chi Energy and Breathing
6. Breath is Life
7. Role of Breath in Transcendence and Well-Being
8. Breath-A Tool to Control Mind
9. Breath Control-A Ladder for Personality Transformation
10. Breath Suspension-An Art to Achieve Silence
11. Tranquil Breath to Control Stresses
12. Enlightenment-Through Cessation of Breath
13. Pranas and Evolution-Mystery of Breath
14. Discontinuity in Breathing
15. Anger Control Through Breathing
16. Linkage Between Breath and Happiness
17. Pranayama-The Art of Well-Being Through Controlled Breathing
18. Experiencing Death Within Life Through Breathing
19. Visualizing Mystery of Life & Death Through Breath
20. Sandhya & Mystery of Void-Discontinuity and Breath
21. Dhyana-Meditation by Witnessing the Breath
22. Awakening of Kundalini Power Through Breath and Prana
23. Evolution Through Kriya Yoga-The Regulated Breathing Process
24. Transcendence of Time & Space by Breath
25. Breathe-Mystery of Relaxation
26. Essential Knowledge for Health, Happiness and Well-Being
27. To Be in Present Through Breathing
28. Silence & Deep Mystic Thoughts
29. Breath & Quantum Jump
30. Consciousness & Conscious Breathing
31. To Overcome Boredom Through Breathing
32. Science of Breathing to Overcome Egoism
33. Breath-The Invisible Divine Force-Energy
34. Effect of Synchronous Breathing for Mutual Cordiality in Realm of Life
35. Well-Being, Health, Happpiness, Longevity and Transcendence Through Breathing
36. Closure

Well-Being, Transcendence, Longevity and Happiness Through Breathing, by Dr. Har Prashad


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