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Publishing books in India on History, Indology, Religion, Philosophy, Sociology, Agriculture, Botany, Zoology, Ayurveda, Geography, Literature-Linguistics, Performing Arts.....

We Reprint Academic Books on the above mentioned subjects with
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Adi Sankaracarya`s Prasnottara Ratna Malika (in 3 Vols.) Vol. 1
Vandana Sharma (Diya Sharma) , Dr. J. Thirumal
HB ISBN(10) : 8184542240
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184542240
Publisher : Originals

Critique of Indian Theatre Selections from Author`s Writings
M.L. Varadpande
HB ISBN(10) : 8184542151
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184542158
Publisher : Originals

Yogasutra of Patanjali Yog Guru Lahiri Mahashay on Spiritualism
Dr. Kedar Nath Bandopadhyay , Swami Krishnananda Giri (ed.)
PB ISBN(10) : 818454216X
PB ISBN(13) : 9788184542165
Publisher : Originals

The Last Journey
M.L. Varadpande
HB ISBN(10) : 8184542178
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184542172
Publisher : Originals

Yaksha Katha Cult & Mythology
M.L. Varadpande
HB ISBN(10) : 8184542186
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184542189
Publisher : Originals

Sujaan Charit (Hindi) Soodan Kavi Krit
Dr. Rajendra Kumar
HB ISBN(10) : 8184542194
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184542196
Publisher : Originals

Cultural Heritage of the Rigveda
M.L. Varadpande
HB ISBN(10) : 8184542224
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184542226
Publisher : Originals

Ancient Remedies For Modern You Herbology and Ayurveda in Common Illnesses
Prof. Dr. Debashish Kundu
PB ISBN(10) : 8184542135
PB ISBN(13) : 9788184542134
Publisher : Originals

Develop Your Personality with Dynamic Numerology
Purnima Girhotra
PB ISBN(10) : 8173863261
PB ISBN(13) : 9788173863264
Publisher : BFA

Deeg Ka Jauhar (Hindi)
Balvir Singh `Karun`
HB ISBN(10) : 8184542232
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184542233
Publisher : Originals

Power Of God Is Within
Dr. R.M. Mehra
PB ISBN(10) : 8173863253
PB ISBN(13) : 9788173863257
Publisher : BFA

India through the lens History, thought, religion...
Jose Othon Marquina Barrera
HB ISBN(10) : 8184542208
HB ISBN(13) : 9788184542202
Publisher : Originals

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