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Book Details

The Position of Women in Indian Life

S M Mitra , Her Highness The Maharani of Baroda
Bibliography : xl, 358pp., Crown 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 818614238X
HB ISBN (13) : 9788186142387

About the Book:

Here is timely reprint of a book that was written some sixty years ago by the most Prominent Hindu Princess, Her Highness he Maharani of Baroda at that time.<-p>

Having come into contact with the women of other countries, especially the women in Europe and America the author discovered the inferior status of women in India in all walks of life, especially in public matters. What could be the reason for this great difference? Looking at the women of her country she asked if Indian women must continue to be isolated from all public affairs. If not, what is the remedy and how is the remedy to be applied?<-p>

The Position of Women in Indian Life<-i> is an answer to the above questions. The answer is based on facts, on the knowledge of Indian History and society and also on the knowledge of the position of women in Europe and America.<-p>

The author is of the opinion that the Indian Women must assimilate Western ways which can be achieved not by following the West blindly but by harmonizing Eastern practice with Western civilization. She explains how could Indian women co-operate with men in public affairs so as to build a harmonious society which was found in India in the past when Indian women enjoyed equal status with men but which they had lost due to the vicissitudes of history.<-p>

The Position of Women in Indian Life<-i> will be found to be substantial study of thr problem that Indian women are still facing today.<-p>

Position of Women in Indian Life, by S M Mitra


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