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Book Details

The Sikhs
An Ethnology
A E Barstow
Bibliography : xxii, 218pp., 2 Tables, Royal 4vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8175363428
HB ISBN (13) : 9788175363427

(HB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

The present work is a systematic study of the rise of the Sikh power in its historical perspectives, giving details of the struggle and vicissitudes, battles and wars of the Sikh rulers against the Mughal authorities as well as the trends of the modern developments of the community.<-p>

The book, intended as a `Handbook for the Indian Army`, highlights the role of the Sikhs in the British and the Indian army after the Mutiny till the first quarter of the twentieth century.<-p>

Scholars of history and defence personnel will be able to extract useful and valuable information from this ethnological study of the Sikh sects which are characterised by the distinctive features of their customs and traditions.<-p>

The book has an added charm and usefulness as it incorporates appendices containing description of the `Adi Granth` and `Daswen Padshah ka Granth`, rites of initiation into Sikhism, the Sikh Gurdwara Act, 1925, the caste system and the Tankha Nama, or restrictions on Sikhs.<-p>

Sikhs, by A E Barstow


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