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Book Details

Some Aspects of Medieval Indian History

U N Day
Bibliography : x, 246pp., Demy 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 817536341X
HB ISBN (13) : 9788175363410

(HB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

Some Aspects of Medieval Indian History is a collection of essays and research papers of Dr. U. N. Day. These essays re-examine and re-interpret some of the topics of medieval Indian history. These essays bring out the views of the author, based as they are, on the study of original source material. In themselves the essays are quite interesting and thought provoking. The essays present a fresh approach to the topics included in this collection.<-p>

The collection contains ten essays:
1. The Sultanate and the Caliphate.

2. North-west Frontier of the Sultanate (1206-1320)
3. Deccan Policy of Alauddin Khalji.
4. Market Regulations of Alauddin Khalji.
5. Revenue Reforms of Alauddin Khalji.
6. Significance of the Accession of Firuz Shah Tughlaq.
7. The State of Medieval Maiwa.
8. Some Chronicles and Chroniclers of Medieval India.
9. Abul Fazl`s Conception of Monarchy.
10. Religious Policy of Aurangzeb.<-p>

Dr. Upendra Nath Day-Born at Varanasi in 1913, he completed his school education in 1930 from London Mission (Cutting Memorial) High School. He took his M. A. degree in History from Banaras Hindu University in 1939 securing First Position in First Division. After working at various places in various capacities he finally joined Delhi University in 1960. He retired from Delhi University in 1976 as Reader in the Department of History.<-p>

Besides Some Aspects of Medieval Indian History, his works include: Administrative Syustem of Delhi Sultanat; Medieval Maiwa; The Mughal Government; The Government of the Sultana te; Mewar under Maharana Kumbha:<-p>

He has also contributed widely to periodicals and has contributed sections in The Gazetteer of India, vol. ii and Comprehensive History of India, vol. v. In 1968 he was President of Medieval Section of the Indian History Congress.<-p>

Some Aspects of Medieval Indian History, by U N Day


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