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Book Details

The Music of India

Atiya Begum Fyzee-Rahamin
Bibliography : 95pp., 16 Plates, 1 Folded Map, Crown 4vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8175364521
HB ISBN (13) : 9788175364523

(HB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

From the earliest times, music was regarded as sacred. It sprang from God and was performed by the smaller divinities. There were professional celestial beings, such as Gandharvas<-i> and Apsaras<-i>, who performed before the Devas<-i>. Brahma<-i> indulged in the art for relaxation. Saraswati<-i>, the goddess of learning and music, invented the exquisite Vina, which bears her name. Narada<-i> is a brilliant figure among the divine beings, in the musical world. Shiva<-i>, in the act of dancing his divine dance, shook the universe with his marvellous performance. His wife, Parvati<-i>, has been the subject of many a poetical ideas. The Rudra Vina is the definite representation of her lovely sleeping form.<-p>

The leading motive of Indian music is an expression of the feelings and emotions in a series of melodies. The mystries and misconceptions engulfing it are dispelled by an elucidation of our important parts (angas<-i>): Sur Adhaya<-i> (Law of Tone), Tala Adhaya<-i> (Law of Rhythm), Ast Adhaya<-i> (Law of Musical instruments) and Raga Adhaya<-i> (Law of Tune).<-p>

The Indian music is woven with legends and traditions of the poetic fancies and reveries of the human soul and spirit of the country which the author has immortalised in a series of beautiful paintings, the Ragas<-i> and Raginis<-i>.<-p>

Music of India, by Atiya Begum Fyzee-Rahamin


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