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Book Details

Kings of Kashmira (in 3 Vols. Bound in 1)
Being a Translation of the Sanskrita Work Rajatarangini of Kahlana Pandita
Jogesh Chunder Dutt
Bibliography : li, 1074 pp., 1 Chart, 2 Maps, Crown 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8175363169
HB ISBN (13) : 9788175363168

About the Book:

The book (in three volumes Bound in one) - Kings of Kashmira<-i> being a translation of the Sanskrita works - Raatarangini<-i> of Kahlana Pandita, son of Champaka Prabhu, the great minister of Kashmira.<-i>

In these three volumes, we have the history of Kashmira clearly narrating the reign and activities of kings. These volumes contain accounts of many ancient manners and customs. Writing for a courtly audience, Kahlana often indulges in style which is more artistic than clear and his love alliteration has clouded many an important passage. However, in the absence of any historical records, he must be considered very valuable. He is perhaps the only author in Sanskrita, now known, who attempted to write a sober history.<-p>

These works will enable the historian to trace the real history of the great people and their peculiar civilization, the story of their national rise and progress from the date of their settlement as shepherd and agricultural tribes on the banks of the Indus, to the founding of powerful independent kingdoms and the wonderful development of religious, literature, art and science all over the continent of India. And if we can succeed in doing this, if we can trace how the Hindu nation achieved its civilization gradually and through successive stages, and if we can further ascertain the general character of the civilization of each stage or epoch, here we will have a list of kings, or of wars in order to complete history of India.<-p>

Kings of Kashmira (in 3 Vols. Bound in 1), by Jogesh Chunder Dutt


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