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Book Details

Rulers of India Babar

Stanley Lane-Poole
Bibliography : 206pp., 1 Folded Map, Crown 8vo.
PB ISBN (10) : 8175363525
PB ISBN (13) : 9788175363526

(PB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

The book contains Biography, conquests and administration of prominent
Indian Emperors like Babar of the Mughal dynasty.<-p>

Babar was the first of the Mughal emperors of India.Babar us the link
between Central Asia and India, between predatory hordes adn imnperial government, between
Tamerlane and Akbar.Babar brought the energy of the Mongol. the courage and capacity of
the Turk, to the listless Hindus and himself a soldier of fortune and no architect of
empire, he yet laid the first stone of their splendid fabric which hsi grandson Akbar

His permanent place in history rests upon his Indian conquest which
opened the way for an imperial line, but his place in biography and in literature is
determined rather by his daring adventures and preserving efforts in his ealier days, and
by the delightful memoirs in which he related them. <-p>

On December 26, 1530, he passed away in his beautiful garden palace in Agra-a man of only 48, a king of 36 years-but years crowded with events, with hardships,
tumult, and strenous energy. The boy prince who had fought for his heritage long and
indomitably with hordes of savage Mongols and Uzbeqs, and only relinqueshed the hope of
his ancestral throne after a struggle of 20 years, had at last found the way to a great
and nobler empire-whose splendour and ancient glory he had not yet learned to realise-but
which he left, a magnificient heirloom, for his grandson Akbar to cherish and enrich. <-p>

About the Author:

The book-was originally written by Stanley Lane-Poole and subsequently
edited by W W Hunter under the title of Rulers of India (Babar).<-p>



Note on authorities, Introduction, Part-I Farghana 1494, Samarkand won
and lost 1494-1500, Second conquest of Samarkand 150-1501, Exile 1502, Flight 1502-1503,
Part-II Kingdom, Kabul 1504-1505, Herat 1506-1507, Kabul and Kandhar 1507-1510, Samarkand
once more 1510-1514, Part-III Empire, The invasion of India 1519-1524, Panipat 1524-1526,
Hindustan 1526-1528, Empire 1528-1530, Index, Portrait of the emperor Babar, map.<-p>

Babar, by Stanley Lane-Poole


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