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Book Details

The Sacred City of the Hindus
M A Sherring , Fitzedward Hall
Bibliography : xxxvi, 388pp.,10 Plates, Demy 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8175362855
HB ISBN (13) : 9788175362857

About the Book:

A fascinating account of the glorious city of Benares, a city which
represents Indian religious spirit & fervor Hinduism and Buddhism.<-p>

The city of Benares represents India, religiously and intellectually just as Paris represents the political sentiments of France. There are few cities in the
world of great antiquity, and none that have so uninterruptedly maintained their ancient
celebrity and distinction. In Benares, Buddhism was first promulgated; in Benares,
Hinduism has had its home. Thus this city, therefore, has given impulse and vigour to the
two great religions, which to this day govern half the world population.<-p>

Devotees and pilgrims separately or in crowds are seen entering and departing from the city. Constantly throughout the year, especially on occasion of great
festivals. They come to Benares from all parts of India. Many carry back with them the
sacred water of the Ganges.<-p>

An account of a city of such remarkable associations, which has
occupied such a prominent place in the history of the humankind, is not without its
importance, and ought not be devoid of interest. The author gave a representation of
Benares as the city was in the past and as it is in the present. Benares remains the
sacred city of India.<-p>

As Benares has held a foremost place in the history of India for two
thousand five hundred years, at the least, so, in all likelihood, Benares is destined to
retain that position.<-p>

When Babylon was struggling with Nineveh for supremacy when Tyre was
planting its colonies, when Athens was growing in strength, before Rome had become known,
or Greece had contended with Persia, or Cyprus had added lustre to the Persian monarchy,
or Nebuchandnezzar had captured Jerusalem, and the inhabitants of Judea had been carried
into captivity, Benares had already risen to its glory.<-p>

Varanasi, as denoting a city has been a name familiar to Brahminical
literature. The word is crudely referred, by modern inventiveness, to a combination of
Varna and Asi, convertible, in late usage, with Varanasi which is also designated as Kasi
-the city of Light. Benares is the gateway to Hindu salvation.<-p>


Preface, Introduction, chapter 1. Early history of Benares, 2. No architectural remains
dating prior to the third century before christ yet found in India, 3. Puranic form of
modern Hinduism, 4. Temple of Bhaironath, 5.Legend respecting Divodas, 6. Benares, Kasi
and Kedar, the three grand division of the city, 7. Panchganga Ghat, 8. Temple of
Jageshwar, a resort of native aristocracy of Benares, 9. The Piscah-Mochan Tank, 10. The
Man-Mandil ghat, 11. Dasasamedh ghat and temple, 12. The Bengali population of Benares,
13. Durga Kund temple, 14. Temple of the maharaja of Benares at Ramnagar, 15. Barna sangam
of the confluence of Barna and ganges, 16. Sivala Ghat, 17. Hindu and Moohammedan melas or
religioius festivals held periodically in Benares, 18. the Buddhist ruins at Sarnath, 19.
ancient Buddhist ruins at Bakariya Kund, 20. Further account of ancient remains recently
discovered in Benares and its vicinity, 21. Source of the great wealth of Benares, 22.
Sentiments engendered by the contemplation of the city of Benares, appendix A, B,C.<-p>

Benares, by M A Sherring


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