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Book Details

The Jataka (in 6 Vols. Bound in 2)
Or Stories of the Buddha
E B Cowell
Bibliography : cii, 1960pp., Demy 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8175362103
HB ISBN (13) : 9788175362109

About the Book:

The 2 volumes of Jataka stories constitute all the birth stories, which are arranged in 22 nipatas<-i> or books. The authenticity of these stories is enhanced by the presence of copious verses (gathas)<-i> which were uttered by the Buddha while still a Bodhisatta<-i>. Each story opens with a preface called the paccuppannavatthu<-i> or `story of the present`, which relates the particular circumstances in the Buddha`s life which led him to tell the birth-story and thus reveal some event in the long series of his previous existence as a bodhisatta<-i> or a being destined to attain Buddhaship. At the end there is always given a short summary, where the Buddha identifies the different actors in the story in their present births at the time of his discourse.<-p>

These stories have a special significance, as on on hand they are specimens of Buddhist literature, on the other hand, they highlight the social life and customs of ancient India.<-p>

They portray an unparalleled panorama of the village life such as Fa-Hian and Hiuen-Tsang saw it in the old days before the Muhammadan conquest, when Hindu institutions and native rule prevailed in every province throughout the craft, and betray a low opinion of women.<-p>

This book will be very helpful to the researchers, scholars and students who are mainly interested in original Buddhist literature. It also provides interesting literature for the general public.<-p>

Jataka (in 6 Vols. Bound in 2), by E B Cowell


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