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Book Details

The Army of the Indian Moghuls
Its Organization and Administration
William Irvine
Bibliography : viii, 324pp., Demy 8vo.
PB ISBN (10) : 8175363401
PB ISBN (13) : 9788175363403

(PB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

This is an indepth study of the subject of the army of the Mughal
rulers in all its aspects such as recruitments,rewards and distinctions,equipment
discipline,strategies etc.<-p>

The book covers rather an obscure corner of indian History viz, the
reigns of Aurangzeb`s (Alamgir) successors (1707-18Q3). <-p>

The subject-matter, though quite odd and difficult in getting authentic sources etc., has been made very interesting, lucid as well as quite informative, An
in-depth study has been made in (i) Commissioned Ranks and mode of recruitment (ii) Pay
and Allowances, (iii) Rewards and Distinctions (iv)Different Branches of Service (v)
Equipment (Offensive and Defensive), (vi) Artittery (heavy and light),(vii) Discipline,
Drills and Exercises, (viii) Army Camps, (ix) Conduct of a battle (Strategies), (x) Forts
and (xi) Sieges.<-p>


Preface, Chapter 1 Commissioned bank and mode of recruitting, 2 Rules connected with
pay and allowances, 3 Rewards and distinctions, 4 Procedure on entering the service, 5
Branding and verification, 6 different branches of the service, 7 Equipment-a defensive
armour, 8 Equipment:offensive arms I. weapons for close quarters, 9 Equipment: offensive
arms-missiles, 10 Artillery-heavy guns, 11 Light artillery, 12 Personnel of the artillery,
13 Ahsham, 14 Elephants, 15 Discipline drill and exercises, 16 Army in the field, 17 Camps
and camp equipage, 18 Army on the march, 19 Length of marches, 20 order of marches, 21
Conduct of a battle, 22 Particular battles stratagems, losses, 23 Forts and strongholds,
24 sieges, 25 General observawtions.<-p>

Army of the Indian Moghuls, by William Irvine


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