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Book Details

Doctor, Patient And The Law

Dr. Poornima Advani
Bibliography : xiv, 248pp., Demy 8vo.
PB ISBN (10) : 8173862133
PB ISBN (13) : 9788173862137

(PB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

Medicine and law, although diverse fields, have much in common and are indeed intricately interwoven. Commanding great public resepct, the pre-dominant demand on the two professions has been service to humanity, one set battered by sickness and disease and the other aggrieved by crime and injustice.

With increasing scientific innovations and enhanced consumer awareness, the doctor of today finds himself entangled in a cobweb of rights and responsibilities. The predicament of the doctor giving emergency treatment to a serious patient without of any knowledge of his medical history, his allergies and above all his nature, knowing full well the risk to the patient's life and limb, can be quite grave.

The technological revolution in medicine have already raised explosive debates and outrageous opinions to 'Euthanasia', 'abortion', and the newly created 'commercial market for human organs' needing a legalistic approach and well-defined policy decisions have been highlighted with precision and clarity.

Authored by a rare medico-legal combine, the book inter-relates medicine and law. It is aimed at a being an useful ready reckoner to the medical man, the lawyer and the citizen when caught in the network of litigation. In addition, it is intended to be an eye-opener to the consumer activists seeking to promote in the welfare of the masses.

About the Author:

Dr. Poornima, a medico-legal combine, is the only physiotherapist in India to have acquired a doctorate of philosophy in laws.

On the medical front, she is the Director of Mira Physiotherapy Centre & Pain Clinic.

On the legal front, a recipient of the National Scholarship at LL.B.; She secured a First Class First at LL.M. at University of Mumbai at University. She was conferred Doctorate of Philosophy in Laws (Ph.D.) for her Research Thesis in Criminal Law. She has been on the panel of visiting lecturers of the Post Graduate Department of Laws at the University of Mumbai for a decade. A vivacious writer, her publications include "Causes of Anti-Social Nehaviour and Crime - A Socio-Medico-Legal Perspective" (1992), "Crime in Marriages - A Broad Spectrum" (1995), "Indian Judiciary - A Tribute" (1996). Besides, around 80 research and media articles of hers have already been published.

An Impressive orator on the international scenario, she has lectured at University of Queensland, Australia and at The London School of Economics, The UNiversity of Westminister, School of Oriental and South African Studies and The University of East London and many International Rotary Club. On the social front, she is the Managing Trustee of Indira G M Service Center, a Regd Public Charitable Trust.

Recipient of innumerable awards, amongst others are the prestigious Talented Ladies Award by Bharat Nirman, Ten Outstanding Young Indians Award by Indian Junior Chamber, Priyadarshini Academy Award, The Outstanding Citizen Award by International Peace and Goodwill Foundation of India, Jhulelal Appreciation Award for Academic Excellence by International Sindhi Panchayats Federation, 1995 and many others.

An enthusiastic dynamic Rotarian, she has been honoured with Outstanding Service Award and Most Promising Rotarian Award, 1995 by Rotary International.

Doctor, Patient And The Law, by Dr. Poornima Advani


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