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Book Details

Evolution of Modern Textiles

J N Vohra
Bibliography : viii, 128pp., Demy 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8175361921
HB ISBN (13) : 9788175361928

(HB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

The book presents snap shot of change and growth of textiles from ancient times to modern age, besides furnishing a viewpoint on emerging technologies and work paradigm along with retrospection in the field of textiles. The book is written in the form of articles. While writing these articles the author extensively made use of computers and information technology to keep him abreast of global happenings in the field of textiles and other matters relating to technology, industry and economy. Most of the references contained in the book are relevant to Indian textile industry.

Textile science and technology has been undergoing revolutionary changes. Newer fibres and their diverse applications have been overwhelming the textile industry. Texturing, non-woven and new techniques of fabric finishing opened up new vistas for textile applications. Production speeds of textile machinery kept sky-rocketing and crossed the earlier conceivable limits. Microprocessors and computers are over-taking most of the operations of textile machinery with limited interference from the shop-floor technicians and workmen. Environmental pollution matters related to textile industry are occupying an emergent role.

All said and done, textile industry is now fast becoming knowledge oriented. To face the emerging challenges of present millennium there is a dire need to re-work our textile education courses and work culture in the industry in consistent with the evolving global trends. Moreover, for sustainable development the industry needs relevantly trained and knowledge equipped manpower. In this context it is hoped that the contents of this book would provide some food for thoughts to the precursors in the indursty and the textile professionals.

About the Author:

J.N. Vohra holds post-graduate degree in textile technology and with thirty two years of experiences he is exposed to various facets of the textile industry. He is also a fellow of Institute of Engineers (India) and a chartered engineer. Starting his career as a supervisor in a textile mill, he served the industry as research and development officer, technical co-ordinator, general manager and as a chief executive officer. Besides, he was also a lecturer in textile technology in the Technologocal Institute of Textiles and Sciences, Bhiwani. His various assignments carried him to various textile centers in India and abroad. He has contributed various research and general articles in Indian and foreign journals. Over the years he has developed strong links with textile industry and has carried out many consultancies for the setting up of new projects, in knitting, worsted spinning, garments and other textile fields. He is also the managing editor of a popular web site on textiles, www.textilescan.com.

Evolution of Modern Textiles, by J N Vohra


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