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Book Details

Privileges of the Legislators
Its Use and Misuse
Parveen Q Khan
Bibliography : xii, 163pp., 3 Tables, 3 Illustrations, Demy 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8175362642
HB ISBN (13) : 9788175362642

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About the Book:

The Book is about powers and privileges of MP and MLAs - Their use and misuse. Since the privileges have always been a problematic issue for those who are concerned, then author thought to work on the subject, which would constitute the relevant matter for study for all walks of life. Fortunately it was a topic for Ph.D thesis also, suggested by Prof. Murtaza Khan who also helped a lot and contributed to the knowledge.

The powers and privileges which we found today are not same as what we had earlier. Rather, in 11th century it was only the king and his great council that used to govern the estate. Even the member of the council had a right just to advice the king but the final veto rested with the king and it was he who either accept their advice or not. Over the time the commons struggled to fight for their share in legislation. Till 17th century they got some privileges. Because they made their supply conditional to it. Various acts contributed towards this direction.

Privileges they got initially were four in numbers, they were freedom of speech; freedom from arrest during session; access to royals and to legislate on the matter.

Today our legislative members have a large number of privileges and facilities but instead of making their best use they are making mockery of them. Under the shelter of them they misuse thus, lowering the standard of the august bodies ? Parliament and the state legislature, day by day. Before independence they fought for the codification so as to get equal privileges as those of the British counterparts but after independence almost all the efforts have been put to save them from codification as it may restrict the area. However this is the harmful practice prevailing in the country and degrading the image of the nation. Thus, it is the time to think over it and consider the issue more seriously and sincerely because the nation can not bear the burden of such a heavy loss incurred by misusing these privileges.

About the Author:

The author of the book is Dr.(Ms) Parveen Qamar Khan, who is known for her dyanamism of thoughts and opinions.

Ms Qamar has graduated in Science from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. After finding more interest in the social science stream she pursued the Master?s Degree in Public Administration from the same University and then completed in Ph.D in the same in 2000. Since then she is attached to R & D section in software comp. and providing the study material for various subjects-online.

Privileges of the Legislators, by Parveen Q Khan


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