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Book Details

Autonomous Colleges in the 21st Century

R P Singh
Bibliography : xviii, 140pp., 9 Tables, Demy 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8175362626
HB ISBN (13) : 9788175362628

(HB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

The present publication carries papers specially invited by the
University Grants Commission to take both the stock of the situation and learn from
experience. The autonomous colleges in the country are not of any particular vintage
because any vintage will have to carry the hallmark of Indian bureaucracy to survive. Even
our experiments cannot be allowed to be either complete authentic copies of a foreign
model or be allowed to grow on indigenous roots. Therefore, we specialize in making mess
of any good scheme. The autonomous college scheme is one such example wherein the success
has already reached the peak and without fresh inputs of ideas and resources it will soon
take the road to nowhere.

These papers give a direction and teach us from their experience. One
can only hope the leviathan called the UGC will learn to loosen its stranglehold and the
State governments will stop interfering too much. For a change they will stop transferring
the staff as a policy ask the universities in the region to become less political
playgrounds and more academic.

One can learn and do a lot if only there is a desire to act. Hope something will happen
this time because the tenth five-year plan recommendations say so , at least on the paper.

About the Author:

Way back in the early thirties the author was born into a zamindar home in the district of Aligarh. He had his initial education in the village itself but later on went on to join Christ Church College, Kanpur and the University of London for his master's and doctoral degrees. Having retired in 1992 he is busy in studying and writing books in History. One of his recent publication in History of Indian National Congress (1885-1947) in the context of education.

He is currently busy writing a Hindi version of the present book.





1 Whither Autonomy: Its place - Today and Tomorrow By Dr. (Miss) A.S.

2 On Autonomy for Colleges By Prof. G.J.V. Jagannadharaju

3 Shri Dattaji Rane

4 Redesigning of Curriculum By Dr. S. Annamma Philip

5 Vocationalisation at the Undergraduate Level


6 Experience of Field Work By Dr. G. Christopher

7 Field and Project Work in Autonomous Colleges By A.L. Mohan

Recommendations: Experience of Field Visits and Project Work

8 Examinations - Loyola College Experiment By V. Joseph Xavier


9 Autonomous Colleges - Problems and Prospects By Prof. Mrinmoy Bhattacharyya

10 Problems of Administration and Finance and College- University-State Governement-UGC Relationship By Dr. S. John Britto

11 Autonomous Colleges - A Royal Road to Civilization By Prof. (Dr.) R.P. Choudhury


12 Students' Feedback, Mechanism and Quality Assurance By Dr. L. Jayalakshmi

Recommendations on Students' Feedback

13 Autonomy and Students's Concern By K. Suddha Rao

14 Issues in Quality Assurance, Assessment and Accreditation in Higher Education By Madan Mohan Jha

15 Autonomous Colleges and International Accreditation By Dr. B. Sampath Kumar

Autonomous Colleges in the 21st Century, by R P Singh


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