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Book Details

My Life Story 1886-1979
Raja Mahendra Pratap
Dr. Vir Singh
Bibliography : xxxii, 351pp., Demy 8vo.
PB ISBN (10) : 8188629251
PB ISBN (13) : 9788188629251
HB ISBN (10) : 8188629243
HB ISBN (13) : 978188629244

(PB) List Price US$ :
(HB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

Raja Mahendra Pratap was born (1886) in the Hindu family of Mursan and was married (1902) to a Sikh family of Jind. He got his education under British Headmasters and Muslim teachers all from Mohemmedan Anglo Oriented College Aligarh founded by Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan. With this background he shaped into a true representative of secular society and got fully equipped to break the fetters of conversativism.

To bring India at par with European Countries, he established a free technical institute, ?Prem Mahavidyalya? in his place at Vrindavan on May 24, 1909. He donated most of his part of his estate to the educational institutions in Aligarh and Mathura districts.

After successfully devoting his attentions to questions of social and educational reforms and other constructive activities Raja Mahendra Pratap prepared himself to take a plunge into a still higher cause of liberating India from the yoke of the British. On 20th of December, 1914, at the age of 28 he left India for European countries to liberate India from the clutches of the British colonial rule with outside support. He had become a big menace there for the foreign rule in India. The British Government of India declared a reward on his read, attached his entire estate and declared him a fugitive. This historic document gives a vivid account of Raja Mahendra Pratap?s life and his activities upto 1946.

The introduction of this book gives a glimpse of his varied activities in chronological order to make it easier for the readers to understand the ideas of Raja Mahendra Pratap, the servant of mankind. This is an added advantage of this edition.

About the Author:

Dr. Vir Singh after superannuation from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi, in 2000, is presently an Honorary Director of Research and Publication Centre, Surajmal Memorial Education Society, New Delhi. He has been actively engaged in the administrative, educational and research activities of the Society since 1976 as Joint Secretary of the Executive Committee (9 years) and Secretary Academic Committee since 1985 till date.

Dr. Vir Singh used his intensive study of the primary sources on the Jats to update three prominent works on the Jat History:
1. "Hindustan Mein Jat Satta", Wendel?s Memoirs on Jats in Hindi (2001)
2. History of the Jats, Prof. K R Qanungo (2003)
3. The Jats: Their role in the Mughal Empire, Dr. G C Dwivedi (2003)

His edited works are:
4. Ganga Sagar, verses of Jat Sant Gangadas (1998)
5. Reminiscences of a Revolutionary - Raja Mahendra Pratap (1999)
6. Jat Aur Mughal Sammarajaya, Dr. G C Dwivedi (2002)
7. Maharaja Jawahar Singh Aur Unke Uttaradhikari, U N Sharma (2003)
8. The Jats: Their role and contribution to the Socio-economic Life and Polity of North and North-West India (2003)
9. My Life Story-Raja Mahendra Pratap (2004)
10. The Life and Times of Raja Mahendra Pratap (2005)
11. Jaton Ka Itihas, Prof. K R Qanungo (2006)

Organized series of National Seminars:
1. Life and History of Jats (1995)
2. The Life and Times of Raja Mahendra Pratap (1998)
3. History and Life of Jat Community (2001)
4. The Jats: Their role and contribution to the Socio-economic life and Polity of North and North-West India (2004)
5. The Jats: Their role and contribution to the Socio-economic life and Polity of North and North-West India (2005)

My Life Story 1886-1979, by Dr. Vir Singh


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