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Book Details

Vegilovers` Delight
A Cook Book
Kusum Lata Agarwal
Bibliography : vi, 112pp., Fully Illustrated with Four Colour Printing, Crown 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8173862648
HB ISBN (13) : 9788173862649

(HB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

This cook book is a cookery book with a motive - of practical cooking. Here the author offers recipes that in a way combine good health with good taste.<-p>

With the world knitting into one e-mailed, intranet-joined family, & most of us returning towards traditionally cooked food, with a tinge of practical easy cooking, this book proves to be a boon. Also with the world turning vegetarian, the non-vegetarian- turned-vegetarian, does not have to compromise on lesser variety & blend food. These recipes are nutritious as well as varying in taste.<-p>

Vegilovers` Delight had originated in the mind of the author, as the mother of an Indian abroad. So it goes without saying that Indians abroad who longingly look back for food cooked by mothers & grandmothers. are bound to relish these recipes.<-p>

The travels abroad of the author also give a cosmopolitan tinge to the Indian curries here. There are also Egyptian. Thai recipes, included, in simple easy-to-handle manner So the global village that we all are living in has graciously been assimilated in the ocean of Indian spices.<-p>

About the Author:

Kusum`s hobby since a young age to make different dishes has resulted in developing new variety of vegetarian recipes to suit individual tastes. She as carefully chosen the recipes in the book to suit all occasions and to satisy the need of all individuals.<-p>

The author has tried to formulate the recipes keeping in mind that the ingredients of the recipes are available in different parts of the world easily.<-p>

The dishes included in the book have been tried, experimented and perfected to meet standards of healthy, living, without sacrificing taste and nutrition.<-p>

The author has also included a section on `Handy Tips` and `Home-Remedies` to make a complete book for everyday requirements.<-p>

The author sincerely wishes that this book would satisfy your taste buds and give you satisfaction and enjoyment no matter which culture you belong to.<-p>

She would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Please email your thoughts to vegilovers@hotmail.com.

Vegilovers` Delight, by Kusum Lata Agarwal


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