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Book Details

Indo-Portuguese Diplomacy During the 16th and the 17th Centuries
Afzal Ahmad
Bibliography : xviii, 466pp., 9 Coloured Plates, 6 Maps, Demy 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8184540796
HB ISBN (13) : 9788184540796

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About the Book:

The idea of working on this subject had come up over a decade ago when I started teaching diplomatic history of Portugal and noticed that there was a great dearth of works not only on Portuguese diplomatic relations with various states of Europe but also with Asian empires, especially with the Indian, with which they had almost five hundred years of political, economical and social interactions. Strange enough to note that historians and social scientists of the whole world who have dedicated more than three decades in researching variable subjects, recently, but none directly focussed on Indo-Portuguese diplomacy. On the contrary, most of the historians have been quite seriously involved in some unproductive debates on which they have not, so far, reached or appears that they will ever reach to any possible conclusion. The reason of not working on the topic in question may not, possibly, be ever unearthed. But I can assure one thing that it was certainly not due to the lack of documentation.<-p>

The requirement of an elaborate work on Indo-Portuguese diplomacy has been awaited for long. Besides, it has been noticed that there has been some misinterpretations and wrong conclusion put forward by historians dealing with the Indo-European history, for over half a century, and especially, during the recent pasts, due to the lack of proper knowledge of the subject which has overshadowed the socio-political relations of India.<-p>

A few decades before, Pandit Sunderlal wrote a book, How India Lost her Freedom<-i>, explaining in a very elaborate manner how India`s freedom was bartered by a few deceivers in 1757. The present work argues that if at all we have to put a date when the Indian freedom was put to stake, it would be 1498 and not 1757.<-p>

Most of the diplomatic issues and political relations between the Portuguese Estado da India and the South Indian States have been studied thoroughly in the present work, with critical views. A part from what have been mentioned earlier, this work has also tried to answer some of the theoretical questions, recently raised by the historians, if or if not there was a Portuguese Empire, or whether they brought any changes in existing socio-economical and diplomatical system of India, using mostly the Portuguese and Indian archival sources.<-p>

About the Author:

Prof. Afzal Ahmad was awarded a Ph.D. from the M.S. University, Baroda, for his study on Portuguese Trade on the Western Coast of India in the Seventeenth Century (1600-1663)<-i>, in 1985, and, in 2006, Dr. Ahmad has been awarded another Ph.D. from the King`s College, University of London, under the title Portuguese Diplomatic Relations with the South-West Indian States in the Seventeenth Century (1600-1663)<-i>. While learning Portuguese language during 1976-79 for this work, he worked on several research projects of social sciences under the guidance of Prof. Imtiaz Ahmad, (Late) Prof. Moonis Raza and Dr. Usha Agrawal (Luther) all in J.N. University, New Delhi. He was also a research associate at Sri Ram Centre for Humanities and Research, in 1977.<-p>

Dr. Ahmad had been awarded several research fellowships from UGC, Indian Counsel of Historical Research, in India, between 1979-81 and 1982-84 respectively. He was also awarded a fellowship for the completion of his Ph. D. thesis from the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian<-i>, Lisbon between 1981 and 82 and later, for the Pós-Doctoral work and other researches, he received several fellowships from the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Instituto de Lingua e Cultura Portuguesa<-i> (ICALP) and Fundação Oriente<-i>, all in Lisbon, during 1985-1991.<-p>

Among his earlier publications, besides numerous articles in different research magazines, both Indian and Foreign, Emergence of Cochin in the Pre Industrial Era: Study of Portuguese Cochin<-i>, Pondicherry, 1990,; Indo-Portuguese Trade in the Seventeenth Century, 1600-1663<-i>, New Delhi, 1991, and Os Portugueses na Ásia<-i>, Lisbon, Portugal, can be named as useful for the researchers. He has been teaching, socio-economic and Diplomatical history for many years in the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnolgias<-i>, in Lisbon. He also gives honorary courses of Hindi Language and Indian Culture, since 1997. At present he is working on the Diplomacy and Information services during the sixteenth and the eighteenth centuries in the Portuguese dominated areas and, on World Coins and Monetary System from the Ancient times till Modern Period.<-p>

Indo-Portuguese Diplomacy During the 16th and the 17th Centuries, by Afzal Ahmad


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