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Book Details

Landed Elites in Upheaval - Forms and Contents of Resistance by the Palegars - 1800-1846

J C Dua
Bibliography : viii, 106pp., Demy 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8188629618
HB ISBN (13) : 9788188629619

(HB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

Based on the study of contemporary and near contemporary original documents, this book is a revised version of the lectures delivered under the auspicies of the prestigious Dr. Kalaignar Thiru M. Karunanidh Endowment Lectures, Madras University in April, 1995.

This is a study of an important pre-nineteenth century political and landed institution, the palegars, and the critical analysis of nature of the two phases of their struggle in south India, especially the Ceded Districts, during the period 1800-1846.

Through these lectures the author has made an attempt to compare the power, position, and status (both de facto and de jure) enjoyed by different categories of these landed elites with the categories of the zamindars, though having different nomenclature, in northern and other parts of India during the Mughal age. The other thing highlighted by the author is that there is no doubt the resistance of these palegars during the late 18th and early 19th centuries was aimed at gaining/retaining the political and economic power and status, the resistance of 1846 was basically against the English policy towards the in?am lands (whether secular or religious) at least in south India. There was a general feeling that the English government had completely neglected the value of the indigenous institutions as a means of giving social happiness and material well-being to the people.

It is hoped that this book would be of great interest to all those interested in the study of the history of South India particularly the factors behind pre-1857 resistance against the policies of the English East India Company, later on duly commented upon by even persons like the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Benjamin Disraeli.

About the Author:

Dr. J.C. Dua, Reader, Department of History and Tourism and Travel Management, Dyal Singh Evening College (University of Delhi), New Delhi and formerly Principal, NBGSM College (M.D. University), Sohna, is an eminent historian who has extensively contributed on the history of Punjab and South India.

He was awarded Research Fellowship by the Andhra Pradesh State Archives, Hyderabad (1966-1969). In 1983 he was awarded Gold Medal by the Government of Bulgaria. In 1989 he acted as Programme Coordinator for the Orientation Programme (History) conducted by the Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education, University of Delhi, Delhi. In 1995 he was invited to deliver the prestigious Dr. Kalaignar Thiru M. Karunanidhi Endowment Lectures, Madras University, Madras.

Apart from contributing a large number of research papers at the national and international seminars, he already has several books to his credit. His works include Agrarian System of South India: Some Aspects (1990), British Historiography Eighteenth Century Punjab: Their understanding of the Sikh Struggle for Power and Role of Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia (1992), British In ?am Policy & Palegar Resistance in the Ceded Districts: Select Documents relating to Narasimha Reddy?s Resistance 1845-46 (1994), Palegars of South India: Forms and Contents of their Resistance in Ceded Districts (1996), Glossary of Revenue and Allied Terms of South India (1998), Illustrated Encyclopaedia & Who?s Who of Princely States in Indian Sub-Continent (2000 & 2002), Misl, Sikh State & The Institution of Khalsa (2006). He is also one of the Editors of the Collected Works of Professor B.R. Grover of which two volumes namely - Land Rights, Landed Hierarchy & Village Community during Mughal Age and Medieval Punjab: Perspectives on Historiography & Polity have already been published.

Landed Elites in Upheaval - Forms and Contents of Resistance by the Palegars - 1800-1846, by J C Dua


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