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Book Details

Tales of Western Inspiration and Indian Karma

Dilip K. Datta
Bibliography : xxiv, 224pp., 18 B&W Photos, 2 Maps, Demy 8vo.
PB ISBN (10) : 8184540906
PB ISBN (13) : 9788184540901

(PB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

A book of rugged beauty. Dilip K. Datta, takes readers on a fascinating tour of history and introduces western (British or American) and Indian people who worked together to bring about amazing change.<-p>

Editor, Author House, USA<-p>

Professor Dilip Datta`s engagingly written Tales of Western Inspiration and Indian Karma presents the reader with perspective on western (that is, British and US) colonialism in its impact on the Indian subcontinent rather more favorable than has been fashionable (especially in academic discourse) for quite some time. The negative effects of British colonial rule, in other words, are largely left to be inferred in Datta`s book, and this is justified by the genre he has chosen, part anecdotal history and part family memoir, as well as by his explicit focus on the way Anglo-American educational ideals and ideas have served to inspire, in his terms `transform` the lives of many Indians, particularly in the author`s native ASSAM.<-p>

Richard Neuse, Emeritus Professor of English,
University of Rhode Island, USA<-p>

`I very much enjoyed Dilip Datta`s book Tales of Western Inspiration and Indian Karma, and found the mix of reportage and fiction very interesting.`<-p>

Linda Colley,
Professor of History, Princeton University, USA<-p>

About the Author:

Dilip K. Datta, a professor of mathematicians at University of Rhode Island, is an academician with varied interests. He is a native of Assam, in northeastern India, but his academic pursuits have taken him all over the world.<-p>

Prof. Datta is the author of the highly acclaimed Math Education At Its Best: The Potsdam Model<-i>, about which Professor Ken Ross, a former President of the Mathematical Association of America wrote to him, `Thanks for putting this book together. You`ve done us all a service.` With the present book, Prof. Datta has done us all a service by bringing out some tales about the positive fusion of the East and the West. He has also authored several books in the Assamese language.<-p>

Tales of Western Inspiration and Indian Karma, by Dilip K. Datta


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