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Book Details

Progress of India, Japan and China in the Nineteenth Century

Richard Bart Temple
Bibliography : xxxiv, 510pp., Demy 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8185418845
HB ISBN (13) : 9788185418841

About the Book:

This condensed work relates to the progress of three peoples, viz., India, Japan and China during the nineteenth century which have undergone grave, complex and momentous changes. These countries have made progress through diverse ways-India with the help of her conquerors i.e. the British, Japan by her voluntary efforts and China by distressful turmoil and internal movements.

For the purpose of convenience and better understanding, the book is divided into three parts-namely, Part I, India; Part II, Japan and Part III, China. To preserve uniformity each part begins with a brief Introduction or sketch of the land and the people which is followed by a comparatively full description of conditions of their countries and inhabitants existing in 1800 and 1899. In each part-the divergence of arrangement begins after the Second Chapter, that is, after the Introduction, and after the status of 1800.

The book envisages that the course of events in every one of the three countries is essentially diverse-in India, the century begins with turmoil bloodshed, confusion, dejection and ends with calm confidence for peaceful development; in Japan, the century begins with ease quietude and splendour and ends in patriotic bopefulness and buoyant aspirations; in China, the century begins amidst splendour, renown, golrious traditions, imperial prestige and ends in utter despair and with blank hopelessness.

The book, based on authenticated information, highlights the background of the progress of these countries. Undoubtedly; for its compact enriched material, it will be tremendously useful to the students of history, political and social sciences.

Progress of India, Japan and China in the Nineteenth Century, by Richard Bart Temple


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