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Book Details

The Marxian Theory of The State

Sherman H M Chang
Bibliography : xvi, 230pp., 4 Figures, Demy 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8185395233
HB ISBN (13) : 9788185295234

About the Book:

The Marxian theory of the economic functions of government is bound up with that of the State. It is a formidable theory of the State. The author in the book has presented the Marxian theory as it is or its correct interpretation. The purpose of the book is three fold. First, it serves the purpose of information. The theory dealt with has been, and still is; overlooked by the academic world; it has been nowhere clearly and correctly stated except in Lenin's State and Revolution. Such information is especially useful for an understanding of the communist movements in various countries. Second, the theory presented serves as a serious rival to the orthodox social philosophy. An adverse criticism is always a stimulus to thinking and a rival theory like the Marxian often serves as a source of inspiration.

Finally, the theory has a special significance to the thinking Chinese whose five thousand - year old fatherland has, since the successful Nationalist Revolution of 1927, been facing the new problem of "Communism VS non-communism". A thorough understanding of the Marxian political theory on the part of the Chinese will be helpful in their choice of a political programme for modern China whether that programme be Marxian or otherwise. The book is intended to cover not all phases of Marxian, but only one of its phases, the Marxian theory of the State.

Marxian Theory of The State, by Sherman H M Chang


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