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Book Details

Principle Jewels of Life to Enlightenment
Fragrance of the Unknown
Dr. Har Prashad
Bibliography : 197pp., Demy 8vo.
PB ISBN (10) : 8173863067
PB ISBN (13) : 9788173863066

(PB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

This book `Principle Jewels of Life to Enlightenment-- Fragrance of Unknown` deals in depth understanding of multi-fold dimensions of experiences of multifaceted approach of being conscious and creative in life; self development; problem solving by contented & peaceful existence through transcendence of time & space; and from valuable deep contemplations of evolved souls of the world.

The book contains the essence of complex subjects in various chapters including Things to Remember; Knowledge to be Absorbed; Self Knowledge; Virtuous Approach; Science of Consciousness; Qualities Worth Having; Beyond Words; Deep Thoughts; A Complete Trust; Love; Silence‚??the Mode of Deep knowledge; Life‚??An Eventful Cycle; Relationship; Unknown Mystery of Life; Deep Mystery of Parapsychology; Crisis of Self; Breath‚??the Invisible Divine Force-Energy; Small, Big and Great mind; Avadoot Geeta; Health & Physiology; etc.

Furthermore, the book brings out the dormant wisdom to tackle the various issues related to health, organization, self, social, and multi-fold problems of life by creative integral approach and self analysis leading towards the self-realization. Only the selected verses, expressions and perceived divine glimpses have been appropriately included in the various chapters of this book to make it self-explanatory. Almighty, the sacred force, alone is the force behind the expressions and expanse in various modes of His Own glory.

As I understand, no book covering many diversifying philosophical, dormant and abstract topics in this particular pattern section wise giving essence of many deeply concerned rare wisdom of human interest to enlightenment & self-evolution with precise principle jewels of life to enlightenment and intrinsic values projecting the fragrance of unknown has appeared so far.

It is considered that this book will be vast treasure that will guide human being at the cross roads of life to choose an integral creative approach to pathless path for tackling various issues. Also, this will enlighten a seeker of truth to take up the vertical internal journey for mergence with the Absolute by overall self development through transcending time & space, and achieve enlightenment.

The book is the illustration of the source and thread of expressions giving multifaceted approach to various complex issues through integral vision that has precipitated principles of being creative and conscious in life through the pursuit of pathless path of evolution. This will certainly enlightened and inspire to follow the unique way when being in a critical situation in life.

About the Author:

Dr. Har Prashad is presently consultant for Tribology and technical adviser to Rtec Instruments USA. He is retired Senior Deputy General Manager (Tribology) from the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Corporate Research and Development Division, Hyderabad in 2004. He was consultant of Centre for Tribology Inc (CETR), USA till August 2011. He obtained an M.E. (Hons) degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1970, and subsequently, Ph.D. in Tribology. He worked with the Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehra Dun, and with the Design Bureau at Bokaro Steel Ltd., Dahnbad, Bihar, before joining BHEL in 1974.

Dr. Prashad has published more than 125 papers in both national and international journals, reviewed more than 200 technical papers and many Ph.D. thesis. For many achievements, his name has been included in Marquis Who`s Who in the world and International Directory of Distinguished Leadership published by American Biographical Institute. His bio-data is published in the directory of `Contemporary Who`s who in 2004 & 2012`. Also, `Scientific Award of Excellence 2011` has been awarded to him. Furthermore, for his distinguished achievements Tribology Society of India graced him with Life Time Achievement Award 2010 in the Seventh International Conference on Industrial Tribology-2010, held at Ranchi (Organized by Sail Authority of India under the Aegis of Tribology Society of India) on 4th December 2010. He is the Vice President of Tribology Society of India, and also Honorary President of Kriya Yoga Centre of Hyderabad.

He is the author of seven technical books and fifteen books on human sciences.

Principle Jewels of Life to Enlightenment, by Dr. Har Prashad


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