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Book Details

Materia Medica for the New Age Man

Prof. Dr. Debasish Kundu , Lord Pandit Prof. Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuruya, Dr. M. Ahmed
Bibliography : 330pp., Tables, Index, Demy 8vo.
HB ISBN (10) : 8184541341
HB ISBN (13) : 9788184541342

(HB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

Homeopathy is a natural and effective scientific system of body-mind-spirit integrative healing. The homeopathic approach recognizes the unique way each person reacts to illness as an expression of disharmony at the vital force level (energy level). Physical as well as mental and emotional signs and symptoms of disease, specific to each person, are recognized as attempts on the part of the body to heal itself. These signs and symptoms manifest themselves because the body has been unable to restore balance from its inner resources and needs help. Homeopathy works by enhancing the body`s natural ability to heal itself. A single, carefully chosen homeopathic remedy offers the help needed to restore a state of balance and well-being. Homeopaths believe that everyone has a healing mechanism that flows as an energy force around the body, mind and spirit to keep them in perfect order. Because homeopathy recognizes that man is not simply a physiological bundle of biochemical processes and that what we see of man, not only his body but also his esthetic, moral and scientific expressions, are signs of the relative health of his vitality, we may believe that homeopathy reaches as far as the soul of man and the Spirit of the Universe. But homeopathy is a transitional form of healing. It does not address or seek to eliminate physical signs and symptoms but understands them to be expressions of the vital force.

All human beings share the same universal spirit, a spirit arising from the very heart of the sacred universe. In the light of this spirit, we understand that we are all brothers and sisters capable of living together in peace, harmony, mutual respect, even love, on this precious planet Earth, which is our home.

This book contains all the essentials for understanding Homeopathy. It provides a blueprint for a rational healthcare. As such, this small book may be one of the most important you will ever read. You hold in your hand the key to good health, spiritual health, and mostly a family health.

About the Author:

Dr. Debasish Kundu a Ph.D in Spagyric Homeopathy from an American University is a renowned authority on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), he is a Visiting Professor of Khulna Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, affiliated to Ministry of Health, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, A Vice President of American Nutritional Medical Association, CA, U.S.A., and International Homeopathic Medical Society, U.S.A., and a Director General of Mooreland University, U.S.A. He has authored and edited numerous books and journals on CAM, Sexology and Homeotherapeutics.

Lord Pandit Prof. Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya (1930­-2005) was the founder of Medicina Alternativa The Open International University,Colombo, the Who`s Who in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Dr.Jayasuriya, the internationally renowned acupuncturist and Homeopath was the undisputed Guru of many so called pioneers of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

Dr. M. Ahmed (26.07.1946-24.10.2013) is a celebrated author in Homeotherapeutics. He is the Vice­-Chairman, Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies in Homeopathy (BCASH), Senior Vice­-President, Bangladesh DHMS Doctors Association, Board Member (Former), Bangladesh Homeopathy Board, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,Government of Bangladesh. Country Representative, World Homeopathy Awareness Organization, Germany, Executive Director (Hony.), International Homeopathic Medical Society., CA, USA, & American Nutritional Medical Society, CA, USA, BD Chapter.

Materia Medica for the New Age Man, by Prof. Dr. Debasish Kundu


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