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Book Details

Sky In Your Heart

Leyla Karaca
Bibliography : vi, 361pp., Demy 8vo.
PB ISBN (10) : 8184541740
PB ISBN (13) : 9788184541748

(PB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

Dilruba meets a strange saint named Ke┼?┼?af, who wants her to photograph the sky in her heart. But before that, the young girl leads to different and fantastic worlds: The World of Hearing, The World of Seeing and The World of Scents.

The Saint Ke┼?┼?af seeks to help Dilruba reinvent herself and tells her about senses. When she comes to the World of Scents, Dilruba and Tu─?rul meet and she begins to feel his smell everywhere, at every time. Before taking a photograph of her celestial kingdom, she gets closer to the secret of smell. Dilruba is a university student living a lonely life on campus. She has a dream to change her entire life. Only a few days after seeing that dream, she meets a mysterious woman whose name is Safran. Dilruba begins to experience mystical and fantastic journeys when she is nearby Safran. In these mystical journeys, she meets a horse cavalier, a man whose name is Ke┼?┼?af. DilrubaÔ??s campus life goes on as usual, but anytime she goes to Safran, she experiences different worlds altogether.

First of all, the horse cavalier takes Dilruba to a universe called Cab├╝lka. And then, he takes her into the amazing world, called the World of Hearing. In here, Dilruba learns to hear everything with her heart at first. After a few days, the horse cavalier takes herself in a giant palace, where there are exceptional colours. Here is the World of Seeing. In here, Dilruba learns to see everything with her heart. In the World of Seeing, the Saint Ke┼?┼?af tells her about the magical world of photographs and gives her a very important task: Ô??You will take a photograph of the sky in your heart!Ô?? On the other hand, Dilruba is a friend with M├╝drik Murathano─?lu, an aesthetic surgeon. The days go by between the visible and the invisible realms, where Dilruba goes on a real journey with Safran and the other Sufis. They arrive at a real dergah and see the real Ke┼?┼?af in the middle of the desert. Now, Dilruba has a chance to see Ke┼?┼?af closely and genuinely. Dilruba, trying to make a sense of what was going on, meets someone named Tu─?rul when she returns to the campus. The friendship progresses and Dilruba realizes that she feels Tu─?rulÔ??s smell. Puzzled what to do, Dilruba goes to SafranÔ??s home. And this time, Dilruba goes to the interesting journey to the World of Scents. This mystical journey continues for a while. Dilruba experiences the realm of her truth and realizes her own approach never done before.

Dilruba is falling in love with Tu─?rul and Tu─?rul disappears. She still feels his scent and with a sudden decision, goes to the dergah again in the middle of the desert alone this time. She draws a picture of the sky on her heart there. In fact, she explores the heaven and sky in her heart. In here, the experience of the World of Scents becomes a reality. The rose-water pool in the World of Scents is actually here. With the pain of the love and with the guidance of the Saint Ke┼?┼?af, she would take a picture of her heart.

What was the image of the sky in her heart?

About the Author:

Leyla Karaca was born in April, 1976 in Istanbul. She graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Philosophy at the Middle East Technical University in 1999. She worked as a teacher in various schools. Translations, poems, articles, essays and short stories by her are published regularly in various journals and literary magazines. Presently, she is a member of the Temrin Thought and Literature JournalÔ??s Editorial board. She is also the Editor of Ferfir Publishing House.

Published worksÔ??
Sonsuzla Sek Sek, Poetry, 2010 (Hopscotch With The Eternity)
G├Â─?s├╝ndeki G├Âky├╝z├╝, Novel, 2013 (The Sky In Your Heart)
It is the story of a mystical and fascinating journey. A passionate love and search for truth together. This novel was selected as the Best Novel of 2013 by ESKADER in Turkey.
Kalbinin M├╝zi─?i, Story, 2015 (The Music Of Your Heart)
Presently being translated into German language.
Kurt A─?z─▒, Novel, 2016 (The Mouth Of The Wolf)
Tales for Children

The author has also presented a report, Ô??From the Collective Prejudice to Pure ConsciousnessÔ?? within the context of ISCAT 2015: First International Symposium on Critical and Analytical Thinking (Sakarya University, 10 April, 2015).

She has also given seminars in Writing Schools on the subjects of poetry, emotional intelligence, subconsciousness etc. The author also takes part in various poetry events in Turkey.

She is a member of YAZAK (Writing Academy Association in Turkey).

Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Another Name of the Fire
Chapter 3 Due to your beautiful face
Chapter 4 Footmark on the Desert
Chapter 5 Hearing Again
Chapter 6 Meetings
Chapter 7 Miracle
Chapter 8 Love
Chapter 9 Gift
Chapter 10 Other Side of the Water
Chapter 11 `Mystery, just inside you!`
Chapter 12 What the Night Says
Chapter 13 From the Dark Room to the Light Writing
Chapter 14 Inner Eye
Chapter 15 Slope of Perception
Chapter 16 The First of the Worlds of Heart
Chapter 17 Set Off
Chapter 18 The Light of the Night
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21 Limbo
Chapter 22 Keep Away from me Sorrow
Chapter 23 World of Scents
Chapter 24
Chapter 25 Whatever I kept quiet I heard it
Chapter 26 `Who didn`t fall while learning to walk?`
Chapter 27 Kes┬Şs┬Şaf!
Chapter 28
Chapter 29 The food of a lover is fire
Chapter 30 Rose Water Pool or Kes┬Şs┬Şaf

Sky In Your Heart, by Leyla Karaca


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