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Book Details

Scientific Vastu
Unrevealed Secrets of Energies
Dr. R M Mehra
Bibliography : 260pp., Fully Coloured & Illustrated, Demy 8vo.
PB ISBN (10) : 8173863245
PB ISBN (13) : 9788173863240

(PB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

Vastu is an ancient science of architecture. It is, in fact, an architectural science which focuses on designing a building considering the latitude, longitude and altitude of the place, climatology, land, location, subtle energies around and psychology of occupants. In other words, Vastu can also be described as - collection of experiences and expertise of thousands of years of our ancestors on the relationship between building, nature and their effects. The science of living in harmony with laws of nature has lived since evolution of humankind. It is felt, perceived and analyzed by many, but expressed and written by few. It is the science of directions that combines all the five elements of nature and balance them with the man and the material. It is a deep understanding of harmony between Purush (Living Beings) and Prakriti (Nature). Harmony is an instinctive understanding and is primarily sub conscientious driven. Living beings understand harmony very well. It is inbuilt and felt deeply. Scientific Vastu has attempted to define, quantify and explain the harmonious exchange of energies through the ancient science of architecture.

Forces of nature play a vital role in our lives. Through Scientific Vastu, we align Building and Occupants with forces of nature. Scientific Vastu is generating useful building design which balances biology inside the building and ecology outside the building. The Vastu accomplishes the positive vibrations and energy inflow within houses and professional premises, which leads to the environment of absolute success, harmony, peace and good health. Vastu extracts the positive energies of the five basic elements of nature - the solar energy of sun, lunar energy of moon, wind energy, magnetic effects of earth and heat energy of fire, balancing them to bring harmony in the life of a person. This book talks about those and various other energies and how these energies can be put to harmonious use for the revival of ancient architecture and creation of nature friendly environment. It talks about how designs with the scientific knowledge which gives you natural and healthy home which is called Green Home. Dr. R.M. Mehra (Ph.D & D.Sc.) through his book has taken an initiative to spread the indispensability of the revival of Ancient Architecture.

This is the first book on SCIENTIFIC VASTU. Through this book Dr. R.M. Mehra (Ph.D & D.Sc.) wants to make the world aware of how we can gift ourselves a new and healthier environment and make our buildings green and healthy.

About the Author:

Dr. R.M. Mehra, Ph.D. & D.Sc. is an Interior Designer & Scientific Vastu Expert, Healthy Home Expert, Colour Expert and an Author. He is a man of many talents. His interest in Numerology, Astrology, Tarot cards and Graphology is deep. His immense capabilities as a Research Director of Research Institute of Vedic Culture (NGO Trust), an organization dedicated to revival of Vedic wisdom, renders a master-stroke fine-tuning, to all the research work going on. He is the Founder Director of Building Doctors & Design Gurukul (A pioneer institution for professional specializations in Design). He is a member of the Institute of Indian Interior designers. He is both an Educationalist and a Consultant. He has trained thousands of students and professionals all across the world.

He has trained lots of Interior designers, Architects and Vastu consultants. Dr. Mehra is one of the very few technically trained consultants in the industry. World famous architect and Vastu expert from north India Prof. Dr. B.B. Puri and world famous architect and Vastu expert from south Padamshree Dr. V. Ganapathi Sthapati have enlightened him. He has also studied Vastu from a Sanskrit university. He has further done his Ph.D & D.Sc. in Scientific Vastuâ?¢ & Interior Design.

About the Author
Letters of Appreciation

Vastu is a Science
Scientific Vastuâ?¢ is Harmonious Transformation of Energy
Scientific Vastuâ?¢ is Green and Healthy
Technicalities of Scientific Vastuâ?¢
Placements & Interiors as Per Scientific Vastuâ?¢
Vedic Science & Architecture
Why to be Scientific Vastuâ?¢ Expert?

Scientific Vastu, by Dr. R M Mehra


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