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Book Details

Power Of God Is Within

Dr. R.M. Mehra
Bibliography : 126pp., Illustrations, Demy 8vo.
PB ISBN (10) : 8173863253
PB ISBN (13) : 9788173863257

(PB) List Price US$ : 11
(PB) We Sell At US$ : 9

About the Book:

The Power of God is known to human-kind, through the process of Atmamanthan.<-i> During the process of knowing Self and God, one realise the hidden powers and potentials within. A person starts understanding divine consciousness only through the human consciousness.

One clearly understands the human body, senses, mind, intellect and Ego barriers.

As one understands the oneness of consciousness and hidden potentials in it, one understands easy ways to transcend the human mind into ultimate Divine consciousness and radiates love to all.

The realisation of Aham Brahamasmi<-i> is easily perceived and helps in living a simple, peaceful, loving and a happy life. A true realization of Power of God is within through the simple process of Atmamanthan<-i> is the objective of the author through this book.

About the Author:

Dr. R.M. MEHRA is professionally an Interior Designer, Scientific Vastu Expert, Sick Building Expert, Colour Consultant, Research Scholar and an Author. He is among very few Research Scholars who is Ph.D and D.Sc. in the field of Interior Design and Scientific Vastu. He is the Director of Building Doctors & Design Gurukul. He is the Research Director of RIVC (NGO Trust). Dr. Mehra has done post-doctoral research in Vasteriology & Interior Psychology.

Dr. Mehra has written books on Paintings, Healthy Office, Sick Building syndrome, Healthy Home and Scientific Vastu etc. He has received many awards and honours.

Dr. Mehra is presently running an organization with the name Atmamanthan. Atmamanthan was created by him to help people in expanding their consciousness and ultimately help them. It works with an objective to empower human beings so that they can further empower others.

ATMAMANTHAN (A socio-spiritual initiative by Design Gurukul) runs free training programs for everyone, to realize the hidden power and potential of human mind and reprogram subconscious mind. These programs are meant to help the society; to release their hidden potentials and live a happy and peaceful life.

Dr. Mehra is a pure soul, who radiates love to everyone. Anyone who comes in contact with him is always overwhelmed by his knowledge, wisdom, purity and charismatic personality.

Understanding Human Existence
Understanding Human Mind
Understanding Atman & Paramatman
Understanding Karmas
Paths of Reaching God
Attaining Bliss of God
Spiritual Practice at Home

Power Of God Is Within, by Dr. R.M. Mehra


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