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Book Details

Celebrating Renuka
The Mother of Thousands of Girls!
Indu Prakash Singh , Pragya & Manav
Bibliography : 331pp., Photos, Demy 8vo.
PB ISBN (10) : 8184542496
PB ISBN (13) : 9788184542493

(PB) List Price US$ :

About the Book:

This is more than a book. It`s a vivid portrayal of a phenomenon called, Renuka. Who, in her 56 years of life accomplished many a laurels. Quietly, but determinedly is how she worked all these years. She, along with her ebullient team, created a fantastic model of School, Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (www.pardadapardadi.org) along with Virendra Sam Singh, the founder of PPES. And also an exceptional way of doing holistic rural development in India, encompassing: health, hygiene, sanitation, life skills, women`s empowerment, self-help group (SHGs), agriculture, animal husbandry, COVID-19 relief distribution, innovative education model (with the first generations learners, studying in the best institutions of India and the world, after their schooling), restraining child marriage.

This book, is an ode to a life which got snatched away from us on 18th May 2021 due to COVID-19. Renuka`s family, friends, students joined in the enterprise of sharing who Renuka was for them. What all she did. How she did. When she did. Where she did. Why she did.

Renuka`s departure from this world and our lives, was so sudden that to grapple with it, this book emerged as an answer to Celebrate the life so well lived, fulfilling all the aspects: personal, professional, social...

All the writers here etch out a glimpse of Renuka that they saw, or it touched them. The beauty of this book is that the complete picture of Renuka is also there in every write-up-statement. And together all these add up to show the true leadership Renuka demonstrated, worth learning from and emulating, in every aspect of life. Every writer, here is a leader in themselves, from the UN, to INGOs, to Universities, multifarious professions, to students impacted by Renuka, and many more.

Renuka, has created many Renukas. This book is a testament to this.

About the Author:

Indu Prakash Singh (M.A. Philosophy, M.A. Sociology, M.Phil. Sociology, and Doctorate) is the spouse of Renuka and father of Pragya and Manav. Indu is a well-known activist in the country having led the work for the rights of the Homeless, since 1999, whom he termed as CityMakers. He`s also been part of the womenâ??s movement, since 1980s. Indu is an author of six books (five on women`s issues and one on homelessness; with another six books, ready to be published) and an editor of over 50 publications.

Indu is a consultant to a range of VOs-NGOs-INGOs and teaches Gender Studies at NIFT Delhi, since 2018. He is also a Chairperson and a member of different govt bodies and Board Member of different VOs.

Indu (www.induprakashsingh.com) is a feminist, poet, PRA facilitator, TEDX Speaker, who has been to the UN in 2020 and raised the issue of homelessness in India.

Pragya is pursuing her B.A., LL.B (Hons.), IIIrd Year from Amity University, NOIDA. She is the second child of Renuka. She aspires to be the PM of India. Pragya is a poet and an author too. She is an acclaimed singer and has learnt classical dance.

Manav, works with Facebook. He has done his Masterâ??s in Engineering Management from North Eastern University, Boston, USA and B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering from Amity University, NOIDA). He is the elder brother of Pragya. Manav too is a poet and a singer.

Celebrating Renuka, by Indu Prakash Singh


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